This week marked the beginning of Holy Week, or Semana Santa, and I wanted to compile three of my favorite recipes to observe this holiday with family, Ecuadorian-style.

Fanesca, Ecuadorian Easter Soup

Fanesca – Ecuadorian Easter Soup

First off, a delicious Fanesca!  If you are from Ecuador, or lived in Ecuador, you may recall this hearty soup, made of all sorts of legumes and vegetables.  You may also recall this soup tends to be a labor of love, since each legume has to be soaked overnight and cooked, and the salted cod fish also needs to soak overnight.  In this recipe, I managed to save time by using canned beans, and didn’t compromise on the taste.

Empanadas de viento, Ecuadorian deep fried empanadas

Empanadas de viento

Now, fanesca is accompanied by fried sweet plantains, sometimes avocados, and also masitas, which are essentially fried empanadas.  This means, you can eat your fanesca along with some yummy empanadas de viento.  Cheesy and airy!  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Arroz con leche, Ecuadorian rice pudding

Arroz con leche

Oh wait.  It just might.  Save some room for dessert, and finish a comforting Semana Santa meal with arroz con leche.  This rice pudding is warm, sweet and the perfect way to end a meal.

What other meals do you eat as a family during Semana Santa?