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Merry Christmas from T’s Tasty Bits

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Wishing all of you a wonderful and joyful Christmas! Enjoy the time with your family, friends and loved ones. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to visit, read and comment.
I look forward to bringing you more recipes!

Many blessings,

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Ayacas de Papa: Potato Dough Stuffed in Banana Leaves

This version of the ayaca uses potatoes instead of corn flour, or Maseca, for the version I made here.  The filling is basically the same: chicken, raisins, olives.  The recipe my mom gave me called for longanizas (lohn-gah-NEE-sahs), a.k.a., pork sausage for the protein portion of the filling, as well as chickpeas.  Since […]

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Sopa de Cebada con Carne de Res: Beef and Barley Soup

In my home, winter means, “Honey, when are you going to make the yummy soup?”  This yummy soup is beef and barley soup, my husband’s favorite and a crowd pleaser.  In the past, I have made this beef and barley soup with carrots and celery, and it is delicious that way.  This time, […]

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Bolón de Verde: Ecuadorean Green Plantain Dumplings

A good bolón de verde (boh-LOHN deh VEHR-deh) and a cup of black coffee, a.k.a., un cafecito are a superb way to start your day.  Traditionally eaten for breakfast, these green plantain dumplings are consumed throughout the entire country, and are affordable and accessible to the entire Ecuadorean population.

My nana used to make […]

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Bizcochuelo de Tres Leches: Three Milks Cake

I finally got around making one of my favorite desserts of all times – Bizcochuelo (bees-coh-CHOOEH-loh) de Tres Leches, or cake with three milks sauce, or Three milks cake.  Dulce de Tres Leches is a very popular dessert throughout Latin America, and in Ecuador it is as popular and traditional as Arroz con […]

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