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Ayacas de Pollo: Ecuadorean Chicken Tamales wrapped in Banana Leaves

Ayacas de Gallina (ah-YAH-cahs deh gah-YEE-nah) is one of the Ecuadorean versions of the Mexican tamale. The ayacas, different to the traditional tamales, are wrapped in banana leaves and are very typical in the coastal regions of Ecuador, where I am from. Humitas (ooh-MEE-tahs) resemble more the traditional Mexican tamale as they are wrapped in […]

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Llapingacho: Ecuadorean Potato Patties stuffed with Cheese

Llapingachos are seasoned potato patties seasoned filled with cheese. It has been over 15 years since I have eaten llapingacho – as a matter of fact today is the first time I have ever made it. I am very glad I did, especially because my husband loved them so much, he could not stop eating […]

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Está Picante!: Salsa de Ají Ecuatoriana

Coat your stomach with some yogurt like our friends from India do, because this is SPICY! Well, I may be exaggerating, but this condiment packs up the heat! Ají is the Ecuadorean version of Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce (“I put that sh** on everything!”). It is made with ajies, which are red […]

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Chucula: Ecuadorean Sweet Plantain Puddin

Chucula (choo-COO-lah) is an Ecuadorean dessert made using sweet plantains. Traditionally chucula has the consistency of a banana smoothie and it is drunk cold. I remember having it more in the consistency of a pudding, and I ate it warm. If you like to have it the traditional way, double the […]

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Torta de Choclo: Ecuadorean Fresh Corn Souffle

This is a very simple corn souffle, Torta de Choclo (TOHR-tah deh CHOH-cloh). While you can use canned corn for this, there is nothing better than using fresh corn. It makes a great side dish, as well as a really yummy afternoon snack. Back home, I remember eating this for breakfast sometimes. My mom loved […]

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