Sweet Plantain Ravioli with Chorizo Chipotle Sauce

By |June 15th, 2013|

I love that life has all kinds of moments: happy, sad, angry, quiet, loud, makes sense, makes no sense, makes you go blank, makes you go a thousand miles an hour…  This sweet plantain ravioli with chorizo chipotle sauce reminds me of similar fullness in life: sweet, savory, spicy, tangy.  Yes!

When I left Ecuador with […]

Sopa de torrejas – Soup with bread and pork patties

By |March 12th, 2013|

When I was young, my nana Gloria used to make us this really awesome soup that had torrejas.  Torrejas were these fried patties made with milk-soaked bread and shredded beef.  Gosh.  I don’t know how she made them or what she put in them, but they were delicious.  They were soft and doughy, yet they had a thin layer of crisp on the outside since they were deep-fried.

Well, I am here to tell you that my torrejas were nothing like nana Gloria’s.  However, I am not ashamed of the way they turned out.  Or how I prepared them.

I am willing to share them with you, because they were good in their own right.  Think of it as an experiment gone wrong but right.  Does that make sense?

Sopa de torrejas was one of the few soups I ate willingly.  This was the kind of soup that did not need to be pureed in order for me to consume it.  No sir-ee.  This was a legit soup in my eyes.

I went to the store in search for some beef to make the torrejas.  I was at a loss because I didn’t know which cut of beef to use.  I thought, Maybe I get a flank steak because it is soft.  Then I thought, Maybe I get some sort of roast, because it can be shredded.  Then, I looked at the prices for beef and opted to buy some pork.  That solved my dilemma fairly quickly.


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Roasted Sweet Potato and Green Apple Soup

By |January 11th, 2013|

Continuing my love affair with soups these days, here is another one: roasted sweet potato and green apple soup.  Before Pinterest ever existed, I tore off pages from my favorite magazines that had stuff I was interested in: decor, outfits, makeup, and of course, recipes.  This one is from a pile of recipe tears I found the other day.  I used to have “binders full of recipes” (heh heh), and El Señor Hubs swore that if he ever found my folders of torn-off pages, he would throw them away.  Is he mean?  No.  You see, I have a hoarding problem sentimental attachment to things.  El Señor Hubs leans towards the minimalist side, thus no “cachivaches”* are allowed.  If it were up to him, we would just have a couch, a bed, and a TV.  No vases as centerpieces.  No crystal mint dishes on sidetables.  No small appliances on counters.  I, on the other hand, like “stuff”, and I tend to accumulate and save things I deem important, when sometimes they really are not.  I have to say lately, I’ve been all about purging, especially since we moved into our new home.  More on that later!


Spicy Ceviche-style Shrimp and Grits

By |January 9th, 2013|

There are some key staple foods you come to love when you move to the South.  On the top of my list is shrimp and grits.  Every other southern-food restaurant and diner offers their own version of this very classic southern dish.  The great thing about this meal is how simple and quick it is to make.  I also think this meal is relatively healthy.  See?  I am taking  care of you starting off the year by giving you a good and healthy meal (according to me).

Grits.  Gritsgritsgrits.  I am a fan, a lover of grits.  Grits are nothing more than ground hominy – or mote, as we call it in Ecuador.  I am even more fascinated by instant grits (Ha!), which make the preparation relatively quickly.

In terms of shrimp, my preference is to buy fresh, but these days I’ve been purchasing frozen, deveined shrimp and I’ve had no complaints.  As much as I love and live to cook from scratch, preferably with fresh seafood, when I’m hungry, the last thing I want to do is stand in front of the sink peeling and deveining shrimp.

When a new year begins, we always tend to make resolutions – the most popular is probably eating better/healthier/less, etc.  Personally, it’s been a really long time since I’ve made any new year resolutions.  More often than not, I end up disappointing myself.  I rather make long term commitments throughout the year, and evaluate consistently whether I am staying true to those commitments.  For instance, I commit myself to going to the gym at least 3 times a week; drinking a green shake or oatmeal with apples, yogurt and walnuts for breakfast; eating a light lunch – be it a sandwich, soup, tuna and crackers (yes, I eat cat food every once in a while); and then having a super awesome dinner with a glass of wine – or a beer, if I so choose.  I don’t crave anything, because I haven’t deprived myself of anything.  And when you love to make dinner like me, I end my day on a high note.  I like to make Saturdays special, and I will make pancakes for breakfast, or we go to the Highland Bakery and eat something sweet and delicious.  Are there times when I frequent Highland Bakery on more than one occasion during the week?  Yes.  However, I know that I have “splurged”, and I make up for it by eating homemade, healthier foods.  But that is just me.  What do you do?


Roasted Butternut Squash and Tomatillo Soup

By |December 21st, 2012|

I’ve been in a bit of soup kick lately, in spite of the fact we’ve had a pretty mild winter.  Now that I am in Atlanta, winters are basically non-existent.

I miss the snow.


Then, I remember the amount of times we were snowed in and couldn’t go anywhere…

The days when the skies were grey, just about every winter day…

When it was blistering cold outside, so much that it hurt to breathe…

And how the sun was gone by 4:30pm…

It doesn’t take me long to realize why we moved.  I love it here.

This soup helps me see the good side of winter, the one where you cozy up in the evening with a warm bowl of soup.  Not to mention in allows me to combine two of my favorite ingredients in quite an unexpected way: butternut squash and tomatillos.  How about that for a sweet and tangy party in your mouth?  It’s like winter and summer all at once!


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