Rice with Sausage and Beans

By |November 10th, 2009|

Rice with Sausage and Beans is one of my top comfort foods.  When I’ve had one of those days, I know I can count on a warm bowl of this deliciousness to calm me down and make me happy.

Well – yesterday, I had one of those days.  Coding in Blogger got […]

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Tallarín de Carne: Ecuadorean Spaghetti, with T’s Twist

By |November 5th, 2009|

Growing up, we used to eat Tallarín (tah-yah-REEN), at least once a week, and in different variations – we will explore those in later postings. More often than not, the sauce for the Tallarín de Carne contained ground beef because it was fairly inexpensive and quite accessible. Growing up in Ecuador, we really […]

Arroz con Pollo: Ecuadorean Chicken and Rice

By |November 1st, 2009|

Arroz con Pollo (ah-ROS cohn POH-yoh) is such a delicious and hearty meal, full of flavors and veggies – and chicken of course. Growing up, my memories of eating Arroz con Pollo were at my friends’ “Matinés” (pronounced matinées), the Ecuadorean equivalent of kids’ birthday parties which happened during the day. I also […]

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Tarta de Maduro: Sweet Plaintain Pie

By |October 30th, 2009|

Our local supermarket tends to have decent deals on plaintains – 6 for $1.99. I usually buy too many – 4 this time – and they start to ripen very quickly. When I had this happen last time, I made Chucula, and I made it in a pudding-like consistency rather than traditionally smooth […]

Ayacas de Pollo: Ecuadorean Chicken Tamales wrapped in Banana Leaves

By |October 27th, 2009|

Ayacas de Gallina (ah-YAH-cahs deh gah-YEE-nah) is one of the Ecuadorean versions of the Mexican tamale. The ayacas, different to the traditional tamales, are wrapped in banana leaves and are very typical in the coastal regions of Ecuador, where I am from. Humitas (ooh-MEE-tahs) resemble more the traditional Mexican tamale as they are wrapped in […]